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POMEGRANATE SEED OIL Pure Cold-pressed Unrefined Organic Natural Moisturizer for Skin and Hair – Rich in Antioxidants


100% PURE POMEGRANATE SEED OIL Pomegranate seed oil is extremely rich in vitamins, essential fatty acid and antioxidants making it highly beneficial for hair and skin.


Pomegranate seed oil botanical name: Punica Granatum

Pomegranate seed oil benefits: Pomegranate seed oil is extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins B and C, and essential fatty acids, making it highly beneficial for hair and skin.

Organic. Unrefined. Cold pressed. Natural. Vegan. Easily absorbed. Highly moisturizing. Lightweight. Light scent. Paraben-free. Sulfate-free. Colorant-free. Preservative-free. Additive-free. Cruelty-free. Country of origin: Egypt. Bottled in the USA.

Some common uses of pomegranate seed oil:

  • Moisturizes skin
  • Hydrates hair
  • Ideal for inflamed skin
  • Known to reduce wrinkles and plump skin’s appearance
  • Helps soften cuticles, calluses and heels
  • Helps improve the appearance of scars and burns
  • Known to reduce brown spots and skin discoloration
  • Can be used for stretch marks
  • Helps replenish dry, mature, or sensitive skin

*Disclaimer: Our suggestions of use do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease; please consult with your doctor.

How do I use it?

On FACE: Massage a few drops into damp face and neck. OR: Add pure oil to your moisturizer.

On BODY: Use it as a moisturizer on your body, hands, feet, and cuticles. OR: Add pure oil to your body lotion.

On HAIR: Apply oil on dry hair. Wrap your hair with a warm towel and leave it for 20 minutes or longer. Wash your hair as usual. OR: Add pure oil to your shampoo and conditioner.

Feel free to be creative! Many of our customers use this raw ingredient to make other products like lotions, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, salves, lip balms, and more.

Where is it from?

The pomegranate is a fruit-bearing shrub that originated from the Middle East. Each one of he shrub’s fruits has 200-400 seeds surrounded by water-laden, juicy pulp.

How is it made?

The oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the pomegranate fruit. Cold pressing assures that the oil’s nutrients and the antioxidants remain undamaged. The process involves crushing and grinding the seeds under a traditional mill stone or in stainless steel equipment and capturing the resulting oil. While the process does create some heat, the processing temperature cannot rise above 120 degrees F.

Why should I buy Bella Terra Pomegranate Seed Oil?

ALWAYS FRESH: We import pomegranate seed oil in small batches, so you always get freshly pressed oil. Our dark amber bottles protect the oil from UV damage and oxidation. You can use your oil for two years if it’s stored in a dark cool place away from direct sunlight.

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