Bella Terra Oils – Nature’s Moisturizers for Skin, Hair, and Nails

Bella Terra means Beautiful Earth. We chose the name because our 100% pure natural products enhance and preserve the health and beauty of both our customers and the Earth. From Bella Terra for a beautiful you and a beautiful Earth.

Why is this good for you? Your skin is your largest organ; it’s your protection from the external elements. It is absorbent: any substance you put on it will end up circulating in your body. Most commercial skin, hair, and nail care products contain man-made chemicals that are alien to natural systems like you. Some of those chemicals may change your hormones. Natural products contain the very elements that naturally occur in your own body. Your body may not have the optimal level of them so you can help it look and function better by using our products.

Why is this good for the environment? Any beauty care product will return into the Earth somehow. One way or the other, it will end up in natural water and the soil. The environment is already plenty polluted by chemicals. Our products return only natural substances into nature; no chemicals, no nanoparticles. We work hard on leaving a beautiful Earth to our children. Our products are not tested on animals. We seek out Fair Trade suppliers.